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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Male Grooming @ Murdock London

When I first moved to London I really struggled to find a quality and reliable place to have my haircut. I was dissatisfied with the unisex hair salons and high street barbers that I had tried. Last year I was invited to an event with Farfetch that was hosted at Murdock; originally opened in Shoreditch in 2006, Murdock now has seven London based barbershop's; a Paris location, and a great range of own-brand grooming products

Finding a barber that consistently gets it right - every time, appeared to be tricky. However with the introduction to Murdock I discovered a haven for the modern gentlemen that encapsulates everything that I believe makes a perfect male grooming establishment. With multiple convenient locations dotted around the city, all with warm & tasteful interiors and skilled senior stylists, Murdock has now become my go-to barbers in London. I’ve gained the confidence that whenever I’m in need of a quick beard trim or a little tidy up on top; I’m going to walk out pleased.

Despite each of Murdock’s locations embodying a totally individual style, with not one location being like-for-like with the next. The one indication that this is a successful chain of barbershops is their extremely strong shaving, beard-grooming, fragrance and skincare product range that really lives up to the reputation that it has established.

Whilst Murdock isn’t the most affordable barbers in Central London, I am a firm believer in paying for quality and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed with any of Murdock’s services or grooming products. A good thing to take note of if you’re a student is their 15% discount, which really does make Murdock’s luxury treatments a lot more reasonable!

B&W photo's by Lewis Malpas

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