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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Music Streaming / May Playlist

Last summer I shared my first curated playlist on Apple Music, along with my initial thoughts on trialling the streaming service (view post here)… Since then I eventually had to bite the bullet and subscribe to the service, which has ran along side my Spotify subscription. Despite having access to both Spotify and Apple Music’s entire catalogue of music, I found myself less interested in discovering and listening to new tunes than ever. This was entirely due to being in limbo between the two and not having one source for my music. With the release of Kanye West’s new album: ‘The Life of Pablo’ (TLOP), my music streaming service predicament was exacerbated. In typical Kanye style, he released the album exclusively on Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal
With 2015 being dubbed as “the year streaming went mainstream”; Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify (to name a few) have been battling and paying artists more for exclusive content at the consumer’s expense…but are we as consumer’s to blame? Is this backlash from the death of CD’s and the rise in illegal digital downloads? At the beginning of the 21st century, music became digital and listeners had the option of downloading with ease from iTunes or sieving through pop-up’s and viruses to illegally download an album for free. We saw a decline in CD sales, the rise in both legal and illegal digital downloads and as a whole, consumer’s spent far less money on recorded music across all formats than they had in 1990s. Now with music streaming services taking over the methods we listen to music, sales are at an all time low with a lack of physical and digital records being purchased; although we aren’t illegally downloading music we aren’t purchasing it either. We are paying a small monthly price for almost all of the music, anywhere, any time… and for this we are being extorted by our favourite artists, whom decide which music streaming service to exclusively release their album on, depending on which company is willing to pay them more. Streaming services are not profitable, artists aren’t releasing their music to the masses and we as consumers are in limbo between streaming services.
I had three music-streaming subscriptions and not a complete playlist on one service; I had to switch between the three platforms for each song I wanted to listen to. Tidal was good… but I already had too much to contend with to consider it as an option. I had only subscribed for the exclusive Kanye content; and as soon as he gave in and released 'TLOP' on Apple Music, I was back to square one. I unsubscribed from Tidal and decided that it was about time I made a definitive decision on what single music streaming service I was going to continue to use. Spotify vs. Apple Music: whilst Spotify has had a huge head start within the music streaming industry and I strongly believe it’s user interface makes it a lot easier to find new music, Apple Music’s exclusive Beats 1 radio station along with their strong existing iTunes customer base and their solid product line all with Apple Music preinstalled means that the winner of this streaming war is going to be down to the next-generation consumer who haven’t grown up with an existing collection of music that they own. Drake’s highly anticipated ‘Views’ initially released exclusively on Apple Music, and for me this and my ongoing loyalty to the brand meant that I was sticking with Apple on this one.

I’ve shared a playlist of the song’s I’ve been listening to throughout May, some old tunes, some new ones, as well as some of my favourites from 'TLOP', Drake’s ‘Views’ and my favourites from Chance The Rapper's 'Coloring Book' (which is my favourite album of the year, so far). Have a listen below and let me know what songs you’ve been enjoying and what music streaming service you prefer?


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