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Friday, 25 September 2015

Prints of the Pool, on the Beach

Ditch the speedos and the baggy board shorts; Orlebar Brown is the go-to for swimwear. Mr Adam Brown, photographer and founder of Orlebar has created the brand based on the highest quality production, with all components sourced and constructed in Europe, endeavouring to create “shorts that you can swim in, not just swim shorts”...

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OB shorts are based on the traditional 17 piece pattern for a man's suit trouser, making the cut of these tailored shorts timeless and smart enough to be worn out for lunch or to the bar after a day by the pool or beach. "A perfect bridge short, tailored for style, comfort and performance. Wear on and off the beach."

I stumbled across these short's a year ago, and whilst I loved the concept and Mr Brown's story behind the brand my eye was caught by the print by one of my favourite photographers. Slim Aarons' photograph: 'Pool at Las Hadas' from 1974. Aarons to me was the rockstar of photography, he was a social butterfly and during World War II, he concluded that the only beach worth landing on was one that was "decorated with beautiful, semi-nude girls tanning in a tranquil sun." Aarons' super high quality print rapped perfectly around a tailored, versatile, hardwearing pair of shorts, combined with my love of photography, (Slim Aarons work particularly) a product with an honest and great story, furthermore each different printed pair of shorts being limited to 250 per style, all convinced me to buy. Each printed pair of OB shorts become an instant collector's piece. 

Mr Brown's goal to create "Not just a smarter look but a reminder of the sophistication that once went with travel and holidays" and as a brand trying to produce shorts and an image that "emulate that Talented Mr Ripley heritage feel" in my opinion has succeeded. OB has a wide variety of shorts that can be worn purposefully, for style or as a bridge for both, a wide selection of colours and tailored fits as well as eye catching beautifully produced photographic shorts like the one's I'm seen wearing. 

Whilst not in the sea and indulging in the sun, I had to look after my pale skin, so I paired these brilliantly bold shorts with a basic pocket t-shirt. Whilst the tailored shorts suit a pair of Sebago deck shoes or driving shoes by Car Shoe, I opted to tone down the formality by rocking a pair of 3 stripe sliders.

What bold beach outfits did you guys rock this summer?



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